January 23, 2013

Looking for the right bow-tie

in News by Asar Imhotep
Now that I have pretty much finished the website, I am on the hunt for the perfect bow-tie to wear to the event. But it's not just about the bow-tie as I must hunt simultaneously for the attire to go with it. First world problems...

About The Event

A day-party and visual arts showcase, MOCHA Urban Hang Suite presents: Beats, Brushes & Bow-Ties—an eclectic experience which combines soul-hop music, art and fashion into a unique social tapestry. Here we highlight three of SA’s most dynamic and creative visual artists. The art-showcase is set to the backdrop of the most soulful hip-hop, house, dancehall and neo-soul grooves, all spun by the dynamic turntablelist DJ Donnie Dee. This event’s featured artists are Blandon Steen, Suzy Gonzalez and Hebron Chism. We encourage you to wear your flyest and most creative bow-tie to the event that is most appropriate to your sense of style (although not mandatory for entry). Nice location, good music, beautiful people and great art make for a fun social experience. 

This is not a one-time event and our aim is to tour the event and expand it by including live bands and acts as it gets more popular. So tell all of your friends and we will see you at Beats, Brushes...

Soul Artists

Meet the featured artists.

Our features consists of passionate and experienced artists,
who love what they do and always look forward to sharing their creations with you.

  • Artist Donnie Dee

    Donnie Dee

    DJ Extrodinaire

  • Artist Donnie Dee


    Visual Artist

  • Artist Donnie Dee

    Suzy Gonzalez

    Visual Artist

  • Artist Donnie Dee

    Hebron Chism

    Visual Artist



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